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Travel Joy Hostels is on Grosvenor Road, right next to the river Thames and opposite Battersea Power Station.

Mind you the name of our bar is KING WILLIAM IV -  so look out for this name when you are coming to our hostel.

If you look at this map you find lots of information with regards to Pimlico and to shops, restaurants, ATMs, bus stops and the tube station in Pimlico:

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Very close to our hostel is Lupus Street (3 mins walk) where you find various
  • small shops, newsagents, a super market, dry cleaners, a cobbler and a post office.
If you walk a little further (10 mins walk) towards Warwick Way and Wilton Street you get to an area that has lots of
  • restaurants, pubs, cafes, shops, charity shops, super markets and drug stores.


Pimlico is a small area of central London in the City of Westminster.
Like Belgravia, to which it was built as a southern extension, Pimlico is known for its grand garden squares and impressive Regency architecture.

The area is separated from Belgravia to the north by Victoria Railway Station, and bounded by the River Thames to the south, Vauxhall Bridge Road to the east and the former Grosvenor Canal to the west. Numerous famous people lived or live in Pimlico.

If you want to read more about the history of Pimlico click here


Another landmark in our area is Battersea Power Station which is located just across the river from us. It's a very lovely view to wake up to and it's almost like the sea: It looks different every day - depending on the light and weather conditions!

Battersea Power Station is a now unused coal-fired power station located on the south bank of the River Thames, in Battersea, South London. Battersea A Power Station was built first in the 1930s. The station ceased generating electricity in 1983, but over the past 50 years it has become one of the best known landmarks in London and is Grade II* listed. The station's celebrity owes to numerous cultural appearances, which include a shot in The Beatles' 1965 movie Help! and being used in the cover art of Pink Floyd's 1977 album Animals. It has been featured in many forms of media and culture: it can be seen on several album covers by rock and pop groups, in a number of music videos, and has appeared in many films and television programmes in its more than 70 year history.

For more info go to

If you would like your picture of Battersea Power Station to be included in our Battersea Slideshow send us your picture and we put it up!

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Frequency - Every Wednesday

Type - Cuban SALSA for beginners

Free for all our guest!
Frequency - Every Friday

Type - All performance types welcome

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